Lemon is a delicious fruit that is fresh and refreshing but is also very useful in everyday life. Indeed, this citrus fruit can be practical to clean your house and can also help you in your beauty routine as well as in your many recipes. Here are 20 tips to know everything about where, when and how to best use lemon.

1. Deodorize your trash

If you want to deodorize your garbage can that accumulates bad smells over time, you just have to pick up the zests of a lemon and place them under the garbage bag in the trash. The zests will pick up the bad smells and you can replace them two to three times a week to keep your garbage can without odors.

2. Refresh your room

If your bedroom tends to smell a little stale, you can still deodorize the room using a lemon. Cut it in four and place it in a bowl. Then place your bowl of lemons in your room for a whole night and you will be surprised by the refreshing result!