Everyone has their own habits when it comes to preserving food. Some will keep their products in the refrigerator while others will leave the food in a pantry or on the counter in the kitchen. How to know which food can be kept at room temperature? To help you, we have created a list that will tell you which foods can be kept outside your fridge without problems.

1. The butter

Even if it seems incredible, butter can actually be kept at room temperature. Many people keep it in the fridge and the choice of conservation is according to the texture you prefer. If you like a little soft butter, take out small amounts of the fridge to keep the rest longer.

2. The melon

Melon can be kept cool and at room temperature. But as long as you have not sliced ​​it, prefer room temperature storage in your kitchen. It will be easier to cut and will be more juicy. Once cut, however, you must keep it cool.