Your office is your workspace and you spend a lot of time there. This is why we must not neglect its development. And for many years now, Feng-Shui has created a zen and prosperous workplace and many people have been interested in designing their workspace in such a way that they feel better about working and are therefore more productive. So here are 5 Feng-Shui tips for you!

Choose the right place

To choose where to install your office, you must first think about the well-being that this room will bring you. It is necessary to avoid settling in his room, this room being devoted for your sleep and your rest. So this is not a room where you have to work. Instead, prefer your dining room or another room that no longer serves you. The goal is to seek prosperity.

Where to settle in relation to the walls?

Always try to have your back to the walls and enough space in front of your desk to move around. If you can not put your desk in this direction due to lack of space, then choose an office chair with a high backrest. The space behind you is supposed to protect you. Avoid at all costs the corner walls in the back.

Where should the entrance be located in the room?

For the energy in the room to flow well, your office should be ideally located on the side of an entrance, neither behind nor in front of a door. And your office should be as far away from the door as possible. Also be careful to install your desk in front of or next to the windows but never have them in the back.

Find the right lighting

Your office needs to be bright and that’s why lighting is important. Opt for a high brightness but prefer rather natural lights like those of the day. You can put lamps in your office but make sure they do not light up over your head.

What color choice?

This time, it all depends on the orientation of your office. If it is exposed to the North East, rather prefer the warm colors in such a way to still create a certain warmth even if the sun does not enter the room. On the other hand if it is exposed towards the South West, you can afford cold colors.